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Enniskillen Nursery School, Enniskillen

ECO School


We are proud to be an 'Eco School' and from children begin their time with us they are taught the importance of looking after our world. Our new Eco code is “Grow and learn together “

We have a dedicated eco week in March each year when we focus on what we can all do to reduce waste.

Throughout the year children are given the opportunity to learn outdoors about the importance of looking after nature and they are always encouraged to observe things growing.



Spring flowers 


Spring is on its way and we have started to tidy up the garden and do some planting. The children all enjoyed helping and will be learning how to look after the flowers.


Planting Daffodil bulbs

We had great fun filling our pots with soil and planting daffodil bulbs. Everyone took their own pot home to look after and watch the flower grow in Spring.



Planting Sunflowers    ( National flower of Ukraine)

All the children planted their own sunflower seeds and took them home to look after. They are excited to see if the flowers will grow taller than they are.

Working in the vegetable garden 

We all helped to turn over the soil in our vegetable garden so it was ready for planting. Then we dug holes with trowels to put our broad bean and strawberry plants in. We also planted seed potatoes in sacks and tomato plants in grow bags. 


Looking after our plants


We have been very busy looking after all of the flowers, fruit and vegetables we planted in school. They need sunshine to help them grow and we have helped to water them using rain water from our water butts. See how much they have grown already.



Tree planting 


Its exciting to see how big our trees have have got already. They are growing strong and tall. Can you guess what sort of trees have the pretty blossom on them?

School was given this lovely tree as part of “Planning for a Positive Future” . We planted it in a pot until we decide where to put it. It’s little green buds are now starting to open up into new little green leaves.



Growing fast !!!!!!!


Look at how well our fruit and vegetable plants are growing. The potato plants are almost as tall as some of the children and hopefully we will be able to dig some up soon and cook them in school. The children have already been enjoying the strawberries and with some more sunshine the rest will turn red quickly. Our broad beans are getting bigger each day and we will be able to pick them soon too.



Bulb planting - Oct 2022


The children have been very busy in school working outside in the garden helping to brush up the leaves and get ready for planting. It’s the right time of the year to do some planting for Spring. We all enjoyed getting involved in planting our own daffodil bulbs to take home and look after. Ask your child what he/she needed to do to help the flowers grow.



Outdoor learning 2022


We have been focusing on the season of Autumn in school and the changes that we see in nature. The children enjoyed getting involved in lots of outdoor learning activities. Some of these are Forest School based which we have been able to carry out in our playground. 
The children were matching colours in nature, collecting natural materials for 1 to 1 correspondence and being creative hiding the hedgehog.

Later in the year we hope to visit Forthill park to further develop and explore our Forest School area.



RSPB Big school garden bird watch


This week we all took part in the RSPB big school garden bird watch. We had already been busy making our own binoculars in class ready for today.

The children all helped to make bird feeders which we hung around outside on the trees. We also put bird seed on the bird table and waited. There was a lot of excitement when the first birds were spotted and the counting began.

Once we had finished and results were recorded I uploaded them onto the RSPB website. The children enjoyed learning the names of different birds and we talked about the different colours and sizes of those that landed in our playground.



Spring flowers 


Spring is just around the corner and we have started to tidy up the garden. The children are enjoying planting flowers in our pots and will be learning how to look after them.




Spring is here!!


What a busy few weeks we have had in school now that the weather is getting warmer. The children have all been helping to get our vegetable garden ready for planting. They were clearing away the leaves and weeds before turning over the soil in preparation for planting.

This year we have three potato sacks started with earlys. The children enjoyed putting the individual peas into each hole they dug and counting them as we went along. We have also added some lettuce seeds and more strawberry plants so hopefully there will be plenty to enjoy eating.

The last plants to go in were the tomatoes which are already smelling gorgeous in the conservatory. Now we will all have to remember to water everything and look after them.


Look at what we grew!!!!!

The children in school have really looked after our fruit and vegetables this year. With the very hot weather we had to do lots of extra watering but it worked and so far we have harvested our potatoes and strawberries. Which were really yummy.
The peas are still growing and our tomatoes have appeared, some of them are beginning to turn red already.