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Enniskillen Nursery School, Enniskillen

People who help us

23rd Feb 2024

We had another jampacked week of learning around our topic of people who us  and how we can stay healthy and safe .

On Tuesday, the PSNI joined us again for another safe walk, and then today we were delighted to be able to put this walking to practice by walking across to the model school playground. We were joined on this trip by some P5s who were excellent buddies for the children and were able to show them around the playground and have fun playing with them. it was lovely to hear the children engage and chat with the older children.

We are very grateful to Darcie‘s mum nurse Aisling, who visited us today to talk a little about her job and what nurses do to look after us. She was able to help us bandage up our hurt teddies and make them feel better and kindly gave us all stickers to bring home. Thank you to Ashling for taking time out of her busy day to come and join us.


We are continuing to think about healthy foods and how we can fuel our body with things that make our strong and healthy. we made smoothies this week and even managed to convince the children to put some spinach in it (spinach has no taste in a smoothie and is a great way to get those greens into the diet!)

The children are really enjoying watching all the diggers and dumpers outside and this has brought great play in the classroom.

In  group time, we are continuing to focus on counting to 10, cutting skills and name recognition