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Enniskillen Nursery School, Enniskillen

May Madness!!!

3rd May 2024

This week we have been focusing on literacy and numeracy in class. The children have all been exploring numbers and letters/ words in the school environment.

We have enjoyed counting rhymes and stories joining in with all the actions.

Everyone has been counting objects from plates, cups, chairs, pencils and even people.


Some of the children have started to recognise their name and are trying to write it or some of the letters. We are looking at how to hold our pencil correctly with a tripod grip to further develop control when drawing , you can help by working on this at home .


We got some new measuring tape’s delivered and had fun exploring with them to find out how big some of the toys in school are. The children loved lying down to get measured and we even managed to draw around some pupils in the classroom to discover who is the tallest.


The weather has been great for exploring our new playground outdoor space . The children are enjoying having so much room to move and today we even managed to have a picnic.


This morning we were treated to a production of “ Eddy the teddy’s adventure at the zoo” by the visiting “Barking Dog theatre company”. The children really enjoyed watching the performance and taking part in all the singing and dancing. See if your child can remember what animals in the zoo Eddy asked for help?

( This company is visiting the Ardowen in October to perform a different show about Eddy’s adventures)