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Enniskillen Nursery School, Enniskillen

Feel Good February!

2nd Feb 2024

February has arrived and we are busy learning lots of new things. After thinking about those who love and care for us in our family we are now beginning to think about people who help us and take care of us outside of our homes, particularly those who help us to stay healthy and safe. 
We have been thinking about our bodies and what we can do to take care of them, particularly through what we eat and exercise. Next week is our healthy heart week and this will be our focus for the week so it would be great to chat to your child about the foods they are eating and which ones or healthy and which are ‘ treat’ foods and shouldn’t be eaten all the time.

We have been showing the children how their heart rate can change when they exercise and encouraging them to recognise this themselves. They have been naming body parts and thinking of how we are made up

We have been talking about what they might like to be when they grow up and the good news is we will be all well taken care of with a class full of aspiring doctors, nurses, vets, farmers and builders and we will be entertained by several who hope to be on a stage performing!

Developing a tripod grip when holding a pencil and developing cutting skills has been a focus during quiet time activities and your support to reinforce this at home would be really beneficial to your child.

Next week we will be practicing our safe walking with the PSNI ( Tuesday) and next Friday will be our Rock Red Friday where the children can come to school wearing something red and we are asking for a donation ( £1) to support local charity, Children’s Heartbeat Trust.

Have a lovely weekend!